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Adrenalin Airsoft

We run days for our club members and for groups who wish to experience a day of airsoft as an activity day out. Please enquire about packages we can provide.

Adrenalin Airsoft offers some of the best quality airsoft days in the country, UKARA registered site with an ever growing membership. The aim is to constantly improve our facilities and offer both members and walk-on clients the best we can provide and to further interest in the game.

Game Days

You don't have to be a member, everyone is welcome. come along and meet new and experienced players alike. We normally hold these events two to three times a month, always on a Sunday.

Walk on entrance £18
Rif/Gun Hire is £35, requires £15 deposit, includes RIF hire, googles/mask, entrance, and 330g BBs.

Airsoft Parties

If the game days are not your scene and you are after something different for a :Birthday, Stag, Hen, Works Do's or a fun day out. We provide adrenalin fuelled airsoft parties for £35 per person.

Includes 1,650 BBs, Batteries for your entire stay, camo coveralls, Snood, full face protection, body armour, M4 rifle and a Hotdog Lunch. min numbers required.

Game Fields

Purgatory - Wild West combat zone

A fantastic purpose built setting, with a main street, Barbers, Boot Hill Cemetery, Hotel, Bank, Ranch, Indian village, Gardens, a chinese laundry, Wood yard, River with bridges, Stores and a Jail, let you experience fighting in a built up area!

The Z Bunker - World war two combat zone

Two storey mega bunker, multiple rooms, escape hatches. the field also has an observation post, anti tank & machine gun bunker, fuel dump and two mortar pits complete with mortars, a full size Tank. How to crack a well built strong point based on WW2 german mega bunker.

The Heli Pad - Get to the Chopper

A full size Helicopter, just need a pilot!

Fuel Dump - Needed for the Tanks & Choppers

Large 1000 gallon structures, where jerry cans & snipers hide

The Jungle Maze - close quarter battle combat zone

For close quarter battle enthusiasts. A maze of camouflage with bunkers galore and machine gun nests. You can be right next to your foe and not even know it.

Medieval Fortress - Siege and defend combat zone

A full sized fort with twin towers, 3 draw bridges and a moat, Multiple rooms, buildings and a tunnel

Multi-Verse - All zones, all combat tactics(Game Days Only)

Large scale assaults with multiple missions, scenarios and room to maneuvre

Club membership

Membership is £30 a year, you get registered as a member with UKARA, and Site Patch.
1/3 discount on entrance. 

SITE FPS using 0.2g BB:
Standard 350fps.  
DMR. 450fps.  
Sniper. 500fps.

If you wish to hire our venue for an event, give us a call.

Check out some other clips filmed here at Adrenalin...

AIrsoft day at Adrenalin

AIrsoft day at Adrenalin
Airsoft at Adrenalin 29th Oct 2017, Battle Of Purgatory(BOP).

Why not book a private Airsoft Party

Why not book a private Airsoft Party
Having an action packed birthday party, At Adrenalin Airsoft

He who bleeds with me this day, may call himself brother.

He who bleeds with me this day, may call himself brother.
ADRENALIN AIRSOFT, the BOP on the Sunday before St Georges Day

A hot humid and sweaty one!

A hot humid and sweaty one!
Adrenalin Airsoft, 15th July the battle of Purgatory

Sons of Adrenalin

Sons of Adrenalin
If a soldier is sent to Hell

The BOP, 30th September 2018

The BOP, 30th September 2018
Watch the Bloopers at the end.

BOP 17th March 2019

BOP 17th March 2019
A good day to re spawn
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