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quad Bikingyouth Quad BikesStrategic problem solvingAdrenalin Assault CourseHigh ropesClimbing wallAssault CourseContingency planningConference & classroom facilities

What we offer...

Adrenalin Is Not Just An Adventure Activities Center

But a team of experienced, skilled instructors and award winining leadership programs. Combined we offer an unrivalled and varied choice of activities and events to suit virtually any requirement and meet any need, to do with outdoor adventure and leadership training.


Adrenalin Leadership and Team Building...
Adrenalin Leadership and Team Building

Train your brain, step outside your comfort zone, develop innovative and new perspectives on how to succeed, build a performing team....

Adrenalin Adventure...
Adrenalin Adventure

A wide range of activities with our professional staff on hand to provide you with fun and excitement in an experience you will want to repeat...

Adrenalin Shock Race & Krypton Factor Assault Course...
Adrenalin Shock Race & Krypton Factor Assault Course

A not so short, sharp, shock to the senses, guaranteed! A choice of 5 or 10km courses with range of obstacles to climb, jump, wade, swing and crawl over and under...

Adrenalin Airsoft & Paintball...
Adrenalin Airsoft & Paintball

Some of the biggest and best built, themed combat gaming fields in the country. Great equipment and good on site facilities, ensures you have a fantastic day...

Krypton Factor Assault Course

Home of the Official Krypton Factor Assault Course!