25th Seotember 2022
Day Of The Dead
Adrenalin Airsoft
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25th Seotember 2022Day Of The DeadAdrenalin AirsoftAdrenalin Paintball

The Day Of The Dead

Spring 2023, TBC? Post Apocalyptic BattleSim

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Map The Day Of The Dead

DAY OF THE DEAD. Will be spring 2023, date TBC.


An all day BattleSim event at Adrenalin North Yorkshire Ltd's site.
The Post Apocalyptic themed day, where you will fight against Zombies and other rival humans to survive.
Missions include forraging for Food, Medical supplies, Fuel, Ammo, Water. You get the chance to play as a Zombie, but mostly as a Survivor in a harsh broken world.
The Battle space consists of;
A full size town with over 30 plus structures, river, bridges and a gallows. 
A two storey WW2 german mega bunker with mortar pits, Op towers, Tanks

Heli-Pad complete with a full size  attack helicopter.
A Frontier Fort, A Fuel Dump with 10,000 litre fuel storage container stacks.

The Jungle CQB Maze just to name some of the areas you will play in.
Everyone is welcome to come and play.

Game day is £20 entrance for the whole day, Members £13.
Parking, hot & cold refreshment and amenities available on site.

The Surviving Team
Best Zombie Kill
Deadliest Zombie

Rentals £35 includes entrance, Rif, 330g bag of BBs. A £15 deposit required prior to event, call 01748 813388 to book place & rentals.

SITE FPS using 0.2g BB:
Standard 350fps.  
DMR. 450fps.  
Sniper. 500fps.

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