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Management Coaching

Further to the Adrenalin portfolio, moving into senior management and the boardroom we also provide tailored learning programmes.

The philosophy, however, remains the same; the learning experience will be the highest quality and all learning activities will be reinforced through practical challenges staged in some of the most beautiful countryside North Yorkshire has to offer.

Coaching will provide:

  • mission development
  • strategy development and implementation planning
  • change management
  • culture and climate management
  • organisational communications
  • performance management
  • leadership development
  • management development
  • top team development and team working

Our experienced team have also developed a series of one and two day workshops covering:

  • creativity and problem solving
  • risk analysis & management
  • contingency planning
  • using Emotional Intelligence and effective behaviour management
  • influencing processes
  • consultancy skills
  • motivation and discretionary effort at work
  • conflict management
  • continuos cycle of development


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