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Leadership Exercises

Do you feel that you can't achieve your objectives by just talking around a table.

Do you feel that you and your colleagues need to step outside your comfort zones, need a different approach, get a different perspective on things?

Adrenalin's leadership exercises are planned in close consultation with yourselves. All you do is tell us what you want to improve, teach or enhance. We will design an exercise with you.

All exercises last a minimum of half a day and are conducted in the rolling scenery of Aske Estate using woods, tracks, moorland and a purpose built village.

Ask about the most popular exercises:

Escape & Evasion

An demanding exercise to develop problem analysis & incorporate the contingency approach to planning.

You are escaped prisoners on the run. You have a map, radio, compass and a given route and rendezvous with a friendly agent. You have limited time to plan how to move on the given route, how to avoid the armed guards who are looking for you. You need to plan what to do just in case it doesn't go to plan - and be assured it won’t!!

The Patrol

An advanced exercise in risk management, control & communication.

Your team are tasked with gathering information in a dangerous and hostile area, thick wooded and urban terrain. You have limited training but plenty of ammunition. How will you react if you are attacked? Can you avoid danger, can you control your team effectively under pressure?

Hide & Seek

A night exercise, for further development of the contingency approach to planning, risk management, use of control measures to avoid failure.

Your team are tasked with infiltrating a town at night to extract an agent. The town is heavily guarded, but dark. You don't know the precise location of the agent. Clues found will lead you to the agent, if you get them right then success. If wrong, you will most certainly be captured or worse?

Other exercises you may want to ask about are the search & rescue or the night navex nightmare.

We also can design an exercise completely bespoke to your requirements.


Check out some other clips filmed here at Adrenalin...

Two day leadership course

Two day leadership course
Environmental Essentials Ltd as part of a two day leadership course, spent the 2nd day at Adrenalin, where they put into practice the theory, bringing learning to life. The as small teams, then the wholemanagement team together completed strategic, emergency/tactical and contingency planning exercises and problems, they where motivated and enthusiastic, good effort well done.
Krypton Factor Assault Course

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