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Green Way Primary School

Dear Staff at Adrenalin

Once again I just wanted to say a big thank you to you all for an enjoyable visit. The organisation of activities was fantastic and both days were planned to perfection. The supervision was extremely safe and your staff had excellent rapport with the pupils.

Our staff thoroughly enjoyed all the tasks and games. They felt that the pupils gained a lot educationally, especially the problem solving, team work and allocation of roles with groups, all skills the pupils will require for future employment.

All the Adrenalin staff were appraochable, clear, strict and popular with the pupils.

Most importantly, the head and staff at Green Way Primary School are totally satisfied with the safety on site at all times. This is especially important with 11 year olds. We were all confident that the site, activities, equipment and especially the staff were safe.

We will definitely be returning next year for another thoroughly enjoyable visit.

Many thanks and kind regards

P N Gunn

for Head Teacher Mrs E Wilson B.Ed.


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