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ASD Metals Academy Program

ASD metal services first started working with Adrenalin NY in 2010. Since then Adrenalin NY has become an integral part of our Emerging Leaders Academy.


The Emerging Leaders Academy focuses on the development of high performance high potential employees within ASD metal services. Adrenalin NY is the perfect place to start this program as it highlights the importance of leadership in such a memorable and unique setting. 


The feedback that we have had from all our Academy members is that it has been a fantastic experience that they have had many memorable moments on that have helped them develop as leaders. 


The fantastic input and delivery that we have had from Adrenalin NY helped ASD metal services to win a National Training Award for the Macro Organisation in the Region of Yorkshire and Humberside in 2011. The unique approach that Adrenalin NY uses fit in perfectly to the criteria that ASD metals services was scored against. 


We have worked with Adrenalin NY numerous times since 2010 and have a fantastic working relationship. This relationship means that Adrenalin NY has a knowledge and understanding of our company and knows what our values and principles are. This means that we are able to mesh all the training delivered directly with our company policies and procedures. 


Adrenalin is a key part of our business’s succession plan and helping us to develop our leaders of the future. 


Richard Wood

Learning and Development Advisor 

ASD metal services


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