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Team Building and Personal Development

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Difficult decisions to make? Stressful situations?
Then it's time to try a new approach to business.

At Adrenalin's Business Boot Camp you can cut out the chat, walk away from the desk and learn to do your thinking on your feet. Our unique package combines teamwork, laughter, the great outdoors and plenty of excitement. It's the perfect learning environment to:

  • improve communication skills
  • encourage teamwork
  • develop motivation and self confidence
  • remove barriers and self-doubt.

Whatever your level you'll have plenty to enjoy and even more to gain.

The day is structured around three different activities, so its a full and busy day,
but more importantly, it's fun.

Command Tasks at AdrenalinFirst up is the Technical Command Tasks - purpose-built structures that the team have to negotiate and traverse. An excellent exercise in the more considered approach to problem solving.

After a well deserved lunch the team will experience the High Ropes Confidence Course where you again work both as a team and as an individual, to conquer any fear and self-doubt while remaining focused on the task set.

Last, but not least, is the Assault Course - a full size 900m military style course, but don't be put of by this. It's not a fitness task. It is an excellent exercise in tactical or emergency problem solving, a true experience in thinking on your feet under pressure.

Every Boot Camp is tailor made to suit your individual requirements. Give us your key objectives and we will devise the best package to ensure you achieve them. 


Photo: Team Buiding hi-rope confidence course
Photo: Team building challenge completed


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