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Survival Training

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Survival Training

You may be confused by what survival training has to do with team building or developing personal skills, but if you consider it further; teaching people to survive in hostile conditions completely away from the amenities of everyday life - what better way of motivating an individual to work as a team member and contribute effectively, having to rely on others and have them rely on you for no more than the basic of human needs.

You will learn new and valuable skills including:

  • shelter building
  • fire lighting and signal fires
  • how and where to collect and purify water
  • navigation
  • foraging
  • living off the land

Survival is a fascinating subject that strikes a chord in just about everyone. It doesn't have to be a gruelling experience. Each course is driven by the abilities of the group. The emphasis is on learning new skills whilst enjoying the experience.


Photo: Lighting a fire on Adrenalin survival training course

Photo: Making a shhelter on Adrenalin survival training course

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