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The Brain Strain, NEW FOR 2013 (minimum age 10 years)

A low ropes obstacle course, consisting of six sections. Hidden within the course are tasks/puzzles that must be solved for you to complete each section and the course. There's water, zip wires, unstable bridges, ropes to hang from and to balance on, along with cryptic clues to assist you and your team getting to the finish line. It does exactly what the name suggests!

Archery (minimum age 10 years)

Whatever level you are, even if you have never held a bow but always wanted to, we can teach you to safely handle all the equipment and, more importantly, hit the target. Our instructors will coach you to bring you on and improve your accuracy over greater distances. The session will end in a competition to put to the test all you have learned.

Air Weapons Ranges (minimum age 14 years)

If you have never even fired a catapult don't worry. In a short space of time you will be handling CO2 gas, semi-automatic pistols with laser dot sights safely, along with high standard target rifles that can fire up to 10 shots before you need to reload. These weapons are extremely accurate and so will you be after our instructors have taught you the principles of safe and accurate shooting.

Assault Course (minimum age 10 years)

Don't be put off by the title. You don't have to be of any physical ability to achieve this. If you can walk 900m, you can complete this course, our instructors will assure you of that. The course consists of 20 obstacles on a woodland track, 10 of the obstacles are minor balance/dexterity obstacles, 10 are major obstacles such as the 9ft climbing wall, the Window, the Quagmire, the Illusion Jump, the Balance Beams, the Monkey Bars, the Queen Mary rope swing or any of the three tunnels. This is not just an activity - this is an experience of a lifetime, an event you will not forget.

50 foot climbing wall at adrenalin50 foot Climbing wall (minimum age 10 years)

There are 4 different climbs of variable difficulty, each route has numerous hand and foot holds for the climber to use as they negotiate the 50 foot ascent to the summit, ring the bell and then be lowered under control from the rest of the group who will be belaying you up and down. Competitions are involved once everyone has got warmed up.

50 foot Abseil tower(minimum age 10 years)

After a bit of ground training on how to abseil you are then ready to climb to the Abseil platform situated 50 feet above you at the top of a tower, you need to negotiate an almost vertical internal ladder to the top of the abseil tower via a hatch in the platform floor of the tower where 2 vertical 50 feet abseils await you. Once fitted and re briefed on the abseil you must then lower yourself over the ledge under supervision, controlling your descent to terra firma.

High Ropes Confidence Course (minimum age 10 years)

A lot of people are naturally nervous of heights. We may be able to help you overcome this. The course consists of six high elements and four low elements, ranging from 12 ft to 55 ft. Each element is exhilarating in itself. Working as a team to achieve the task set at each element using helmets, climbing ropes and harnesses and safety systems, we will ensure you rise to the challenge and experience your full potential. A definite feel good activity.

Orienteering (minimum age 16 years)

Aske Estate has woodland, fields, lakes and open moorland which makes it ideal to navigate away from the hustle and bustle of towns and roads. Any length of course of up to 10km can be set up to suit all standards. Orienteering as well as being a sport is an excellent way of enjoying the countryside, getting some fresh air and exercise.

Paintball Gaming (minimum age 12 years)

Come and play in our large themed environments. New equipment, good marshalls, exciting games and all at a very favourable price. Click here to see our Paintball page for more details.

Quad Biking (minimum age 16 years)

Once the group has conquered how to ride our Yamaha Grisslo’s safely its straight onto any one of four courses over  ……..and more often muddy ground.  The limbo endurance, the dinner time dash, matrix memories and the water park run.  Its enough to TYRE the most energetic of rider.

Hovercraft (minimum Age 16yrs)

For the really adventurous. You've conquered all on two and four wheels, now you want to handle a vehicle with none.

Treasure Trail (minimum age 10 years)

An exciting and engaging ramble over the north Yorkshire landscape, woods, fields and moorland. many checkpoints with glues and directions to follow. Each check point has a task, leadership exercises, puzzles, learn basic survival techniques, learn about the local environment, the animals and their habitats, plants, trees and flowers and how to navigate. All part of a competition for the younger ones.

Fun, Outdoor Activities at Adrenalin
  Photo: 900m Assault Course at Adrenalin
Photo: 50ft Abseil Tower at Adrenalin
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